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The third edition of this special atlas has been carefully recreated to give more people access to a masterpiece of British history and heritage. This formidable two-volume atlas provides an accurate and fascinating insight into the railway lines of Great Britain between 1807 and 1994.

Third Edition - Two Volumes

The atlas is showcased in a wonderful presentation sleeve that gives this spectacular creation the prestige it deserves. A must have for anyone with an interest in the history and economy of Great Britain throughout the years as viewed through an expansive rail network.

Explore and immerse yourself in the accuracy of this atlas which is a testament to the phenomenal dedication and research which Colonel Michael H Cobb invested into this project. The Third Edition should serve as the definitive reference point to any historical research into the great railways of Great Britain for any enthusiast, historian and professional.

The railways are shown in the broader context of the geographical features of the area they traverse, such as roads, canals, mountains and woodland. We have all glimpsed a disused railway from a train or car and perhaps wondered what line it was. The Atlas will answer such questions immediately. 

Full OS Grid

The maps on which the railway information is shown are taken from the Ordnance Survey 1 inch to 1 mile series which was last published 1971. The main reason for this format is that many new motorways and bypasses have since been built over the alignment of old railways.

The maps not only show the railway against the OS grid, they contain much additional information such as the names of the companies which originally built the lines and the opening and closing dates of stations. The appendices also contain a wealth of information. 

Now Included for 2015

• Colonel Michael Cobb’s PhD papers

• Cambridge University Ceremony and Photograph

• Colonel Cobb's Obituary

• Blandings Castle (P.G. Wodehouse) thesis - the start of
 the long journey.

• Railway and Canal Historical Society Award Certificate.

• Lists of historical data amendments from fellow railway
 friends, for discussion.
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Third Edition Atlas Information

First Published 2003
Revised Reprint 2005
Second Edition 2006
Third Edition 2015

ISBN (VOLUME 1) 978-0-9931013-0-4
ISBN (VOLUME 2) 978-0-9931013-1-1

This Edition, 2015, published by Patrick S Cobb, under license from the late Colonel M.H.Cobb's heirs.
Printed, bound and distributed by Riley Dunn and Wilson (Huddersfield) Ltd. 

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