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Third Edition Atlas - Customer Reviews

The Railways of Great Britain - A Historical Atlas has been republished by Patrick Cobb to the delight of railway, historical and geography enthusiasts alike. We have been inundated with some fabulous reviews of our new Third Edition Atlas.

"Undoubtedly worth every penny"

Dear Mr Cobb,

Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with the atlas. I have never spent so much on a book and will probably never do again, but it is undoubtedly worth every penny. Many years of use in store

Thank You

Michael Burleigh

"The atlas is a tour-de-force and a work to treasure"

Anyone who has fond memories of the steam era, and of journeys through parts of the countryside that are no longer accessible by rail, will find the atlas a wonderful reminder of a time when trains and train journeys were looked forward to with eager anticipation. The railway is still my preferred form of travel and to open the atlas at any page is to take those journeys again and remind oneself of just how many tiny stations disappeared in the 1960s and 70's. This is not a sad journey, rather a celebration of times past, and as a Wodehouse devotee, I am delighted to have discovered the true identity of Market Blandings! The atlas is a tour-de-force and a work to treasure.
Mr Alan Titchmarsh

"Imposing presentation and superb printing techniques"

Just a short note to say that I have today received the Atlas which, at first sight, takes your breath away for its imposing presentation and the superb printing techniques used in its production. I am sure that I will have many happy hours of browsing the multitude of maps and locations which, at last, may allow me to solve all the Railway Magazine crossword puzzles.
My thanks must go to those who have ensured that such a wonderful work has once again been brought to life. Such a classic of history will surely only serve to bring the memory of the late Colonel Michael Cobb to the forefront of all those who love maps, history and railways.
Thank you again for producing such a treasure for all to revel in for years to come and to Mr Patrick Cobb for kindly adding me to the list of recipients at a late date.
Mr I Williams

"Beautiful Presentation And Staggering Research"

Many thanks for the early delivery of 'The Railways of Great Britain' which was very much appreciated.
It is a beautiful presentation and the amount of work and research it contains is staggering. You must be very
proud of your father.

Once again, many thanks.

Mr M Watkins

"The Cobb Atlas Is The Pride Of That Collection"

Just to let you know, I received the atlas last week and am absolutely delighted with it. When used in conjunction with Michael Quick’s Railway Passenger Stations and my very ancient E.F Carter’s Historical Geography of The British Isles, it is really bringing the histories of various railway lines to life. 

At times my dining table is groaning under the weight of various books,magazines and maps as I delve deeper into railway line and company histories. I think I might have mentioned that I have been collecting railway literature for 50 years and have one of the largest private collections (according to bookseller friends). The Cobb atlas is the pride of that collection. 

Thank you so much.

Mr D Rogers

 "Delighted To Be The Owner Of A Prestigious Product"

Just a quick email to report the safe arrival of the Railway Atlas today. Although I have not had a chance to look at it properly yet, I am very impressed with its presentation. It has arrived in perfect condition and I am delighted to be the owner of such a prestigious project. 

Well done and very many thanks.

Mr F Kirkham

 "Lots Of Railway Information To Explore"

Atlas received in good order thank you. Lots of railway information to explore!  I am very grateful for all your input into this wonderful project and wish you well and of course every success with future sales.

Mr R Dunbar

"Delighted With The Contents And Quality Of The Binding"

I have just received my copy of the Cobb Atlas and would like to say how delighted I am both with the contents and the quality of the binding. I wish you every success with the atlas sales and commend you on your perseverance in seeing the project to completion. I am sure your father would have been very proud of you.

Mr D Bell

"Most Impressed And Very Pleased To Have It"

My copy of the Atlas arrived safely this afternoon. I have only had a quick look through it so far but I am most impressed and very pleased to have it. Many thanks for all you have done.

Mr I Davison

"Thank You For Persisting With The Project"

Thank you, Mr Cobb!

My copy has just arrived from the publisher. A few years ago, I paid a visit to The British Library in St Pancras to view their copy, having been too late for the remaining few (earlier edition) advisedly available at Ian Allan's Waterloo. So I knew what to expect. I now just have to find a place to keep it (a) visible! and (b) easily accessible! At the moment it is on the dining room table but I don't think that will be allowed for long!

So, thank you again, and thank you for persisting with the project.

Mr R Whitely

"A Magnificent Work Of Scholarship"

Dear Patrick
I bought a Cobb atlas from you in May and gave it to my railway enthusiast husband Mark for his birthday this weekend. He is beyond thrilled and I don't think I am going to see him for weeks now (though that wasn't the point, obviously). It really is a magnificent work of scholarship, as well as a beautiful object.
Thank you very much for your help.  
Best wishes
L Abu-Sharr

"Thank You"

Mr Cobb, having paid for and promptly received “The Atlas” – Thank You – I admit to shedding a tear or two when to-day I received the result of your Father’s work. Those more successful then I have been in life already have had access to this remarkable work for some time. I have had to wait a little longer. But, what a wait! Golly!

Like many before me, having found access to your Father’s remarkable work, I immediately went to pages showing railways which I knew well..... But then my searches started to range further than the boundaries of my beloved GWR to find out what was going on, cartographically speaking, seeking details in obscure parts of Scotland, around Birmingham, Bristol and railway haunts from one’s enjoyable boyhood during which so much time was spent watching trains.

I would love to have met the good Colonel.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Kyle Bosworth

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