Deluxe Version


Deluxe Version
This unique and special deluxe version of the railways of Great Britain is presented in a luxurious case using the finest quality goat skin. A real collectors piece, the deluxe version of this incredible research by Michael H Cobb is a must have for any rail enthusiast.

Each deluxe version is printed and bound to order to ensure the highest quality standards are met. The expected delivery time is between 6-8 weeks. Please use our contact form to find out more information. 

£1,495 + shipping
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Full Deluxe Version Features

- Decorative English marbled endpapers are formed and attached to the section sewn printed book block
- Book block is punched and nipped to remove swell from sewing.  
- The spine is glued for stability and strength.
- Book is guillotined on 3 edges.
- Gilding of 3 edges is then manually applied.
- Book is then rounded at spine and decorative headbands and marker ribbon added.
- Spine lining of scrim and kraft paper adhered to spine.
- Oxford hollow open back formed to use as case spine.
- Raised bands added to open back to form even panels on spine under the leather.
- Millboards are then cut to size to form the case.
- New case with raised bands formed using full goatskin leather.
- Front cover gold embossing is added.
- Bookblock is cased in to new leather case.
- Solander box is made from bukram and lined with "blood and custard" marbled paper designed by Gemma Lewis. The colours are from Southern Region rolling stock c 1950.
- DVD of Michael Cobb’s PhD award day at Cambridge University.
- The amendments will be section sewn with a hard cover gold foil block inserted into the inner tray of the solander box.
- Front of solander box embossed with title.
- A certificate of authenticity, signed by me, will be incorporated.
- For despatch: the solander box will be inserted into a double wall carton, lined in foam and covered in burgundy cloth
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Third Edition Atlas Information

First Published 2003
Revised Reprint 2005
Second Edition 2006
Third Edition 2015

ISBN (VOLUME 1) 978-0-9931013-0-4
ISBN (VOLUME 2) 978-0-9931013-1-1

This Edition, 2015, published by Patrick S Cobb, under license from the late Colonel M.H.Cobb's heirs.
Printed, bound and distributed by Riley Dunn and Wilson (Huddersfield) Ltd. 

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