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Colonel Cobb's Report - Sunset At Blandings

Colonel Michael H Cobb was asked to ascertain the location of Market Blandings by Richard Usborne who was the PG Wodehouse expert. "Sunset at Blandings" was PGW's last unfinished novel and was published (1977) in conjunction with Richard Usborne who appended an essay on the book, added PGW's notes, and a treatise on the topography of Blandings Castle.

Excerpt from Colonel Cobb's Report

From an initial glance at the problem it is clear that there are railway inconsistencies, such as Blandings Castle being on the Severn and in Shropshire, and yet one could get a train to its station from Paddington with a 'first stop at Swindon'.

I realised that I must discard certain data. I have tried to find a place which fits the main topographical data and which lies within the limits of the largest number of the railway facts.

The topographical data are as follows: the castle is in Shropshire; the Severn runs through its grounds; it is 45 minutes by car to Shrewsbury, not hurrying; the Wrekin is visible from its battlements; it is 2 1/2 miles or so from the castle to its station.

The full report can be found in the atlas.
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From Colonel Cobb's Acknowledgement

"By a set of curious chances, through my friend James Colyer-Fergusson and through a friend of his, Dick Usborne, the Wodehouse expert, I met Christopher MacLehose, then an editor at Chatto & Windus, whose suggestion it was that I should produce a History of the Railways of Great Britain in Atlas form. I told him the task would take me all my present life and half my next. That was in 1978."

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